For Sale
8” Powered Bazooka Tube Model BTA8100FHC
Mazda PAC Adapter AOEM-MAZ2
14 ft Wiring Harness
Misc Hardware [Fuse holders, fuses, wire, loom]

I purchased this brand new a couple of years back for my 2016 Mazda6 GT Reserve. Never got around to installing it and traded into a 2018 Mazda6. The wiring changed and it was not going to be a clean install so I never did it. The bazooka tube itself will install into pretty much anything but the PAC adapter will only work with certain Mazdas with the Bose system. You can Google the adapter to see which vehicles it is compatible with.

included are the powered bazooka tube, velcro tiedown straps, 14 foot wiring harness, miscellaneous wires and fuses, and the adapter. I think later versions of this bazooka tube came with a remote mounted base level control but this one did not.

Local delivery (Raleigh NC area) would be great but I can ship at buyers expense. I prefer PayPal F&F.

Message me with any questions or interest. Please give me a day or two to respond. Thanks!

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