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I know that there are a lot of people that have installed the balance assembly delete kit but I plan to retain mine.

I am rebuilding the engine with a new crankshaft and when i check the balance assembly gear back lash with the previous #38 shims there are points in the rotation where there gear is tight (no back lash). I made some new spacers from flat washers but they are too thick so there is more back lash than I desire. I installed two of the original shims on the rear (nearest the gear) mounting points and two of the thicker washer types in the front two locations. The back lash is good with this set up but I know that I have changed the gear angle slightly relative to the crank gear as a result of the difference in shim thickness front to back.

It appears the crank was machined such that the master #50 shims would be ideal but I cannot seem to find anywhere that sells them.

Any insight regarding either a source for the #50 shims or the potential concerns of just running with the two different shim thicknesses would be appreciated.
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