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B.C it Saved My Life

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I am saying Good Bye to my Sixy...

She was totaled the other night when someone hit me while I was stopped in traffic. I am still feeling the effects a week and a half later, but its just some bruised ribs...

See the pictures.

She did what she was designed for... She transported me in style for a couple years then died so I may live. I don't know how fast the guy was going when he hit me... but I was pushed into a 2013 CTS and all three of the cars were totaled...


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Glad you're OK. What happened? Were they texting or drinking? :(

What will u get next?
Damn! Glad you're alright. I see puppy nose prints on those rear windows, but I'm guessing you were alone that night. Good for them if so!
Sorry about the loss of your ride. Nice to know if gave you ample protection. Will you get another 6?
A Speed6 would be best, but I'm not sure when that will come out...
Probably a 2016 6 iTouring, that was a 14 iSport
The Touring is definitely a step up from the Sport and worth the extra money. I wouldn't hold much breath on a Speed6 for the time being, but maybe the Detroit NAIAS next month will hold a surprise.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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