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I tried a search for this combined topic, but I seem to come up short. I noticed on RPM's website that they have the Audio Link back in stock. I also saw that Sylfex has an Auxmod Advanced in November.

I was curious if any one with an 06 (non-Bose) has the Audio Link or the Auxmod BASIC. Pros, cons? I noticed that instalation is also well documented for models up to 05, I did not find how to take the center console out for the 06. I tried the existing instructions, but it doesen't seem to be the same... that or I am more mechanically disabled than I thought.


My motivation for getting one of these products is mainly for my Sirius Replay Radio. The FM modulater is weak and if I am to go into the dash to plug the antenna modulator, I might as well plug one of the mods in there instead. I also have an iPod (used on occasion) and a Sony MP3 player, and USB drives.

All of my devices, except for the USB, has stereo jacks, so I thought both the AL and Auxmod looks good, but with the AL, I can use the USB also. The Auxmod, no USB, but I get Text... right?

I think I'm hung up on the Text display too. From the forums and product descriptions, Auxmod is the only one that "reads" the song titles on my devices and AL only reads EX1:1 or EX8:88. I guess this isn't a real deal breaker for me, but I thought it would of been nice.

So anyone with either products can help me, I'd be internally greatfull! And any input on how they perform on a 06 would also be appreciated! Thanxs in advance.
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