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I'm on the list for the AuxMod Advance. Since my number is in the high 2000's, I'm assuming someone out there in land must have one.
So, I'm just interested in how the other features work. And if the higher price is worth the extra features on the Advance.


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I guess I'll be the FIRST to have it shown on our boards! :lol:


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I e-mailed Syflex regarding the features in AuxMod Advanced and received the following reply:

Not all of the information that you are looking for has been finalized yet.

Initially, we will release AuxMod Advanced with only simple remote control
mode for the iPOD - ie. There will be no text display from the iPOD on the
display. Eventually we will release a free firmware update for the advanced
remote control. We do not plan to scroll the display automatically, but
will have a 30 character buffer in the display for scrolling with the text
knob. We have considered making a firmware release that would auto-scroll,
which would not have a 30 char. Limit.

The Text for the iPOD would include the artist.

We do not have all of the details on playlists at this point. We believe
that we may only have a single button to use to cycle the playlists, which
will loop at the end.

AuxMod Advanced will charge and power on/off the iPOD automatically.

Please feel free to share my responses are appropriate.

Best regards,


-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sunday, May 21, 2006 6:35 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: iPod & AuxMod Advanced Text Scrolling & Playlists

I found out about AuxMod via a series of postings on the
forums. Your product has received a lot of positive reviews and I am
interested purchasing an AuxMod Basic but first have questions regarding the
next version that will integrate with an iPod. We have a 2004 Mazda6S
Wagon, US version, with the Bose stereo and in-dash 6 disc changer. I am
interested in AuxMod Basic as an interim solution until AuxMod Advanced is
finished but want to ensure I understand what features and limitations the
future model will have.

Text functions:
1) Your website indicates that the Advanced model will scroll through title
and possibly the album. Will this scroll function be automatic? Other
systems only scroll up to 30 characters and requires turning the tuning knob
to scroll through the title/album information.
2) Will your product automatically scroll? Will there be a limit to the
number of characters and if yes, what is that limit?
3) Will the text also include the artist info?

Playlist Functions
1) Will the Advanced version enable toggling through playlists?
2) Other systems limit the number of playlists that can be toggled through.
Will yours? If so, what will the limit be?
3) Will the name of playlists be displayed while toggling between lists?

Power Functions:
1) Will AuxMod Advanced power an iPod?
2) If yes, will that automatically power off an iPod when the radio is
turned off?

If you would like, I can post your response to the Mazda6Club forum.

Thank you,
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