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Aux Mod In-Stock in 2 Weeks!!!

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I got an e-mail back from them and look what they said.

Hi Jonathan,

Yes, it will be under two weeks. We'll be sure to keep you posted when it's
back in stock.

Best regards,


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I'm just wondering when the AuxMod Basic will be in stock again. Your site
says Nov. 2006, and I'm wondering if it'll be any time soon.

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Or look at the sticky in this sub-directory.
ah, good news, do you need to be on the waitlist or can you buy it straight from the website?
So i should be getting a email soon then... :)
So i should be getting a email soon then... :)
I have e-mailed "aux in" and havent receievd anything back, the site still says they are out of stock, anyone know when they might have some in?
I have sent emails also and got no reply. I really want one as this does seem to be the easiest way to get an aux input. If any one finds out when it will be instock pm or if you have one for sale.

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

It's in!!!!! I just placed my order!!!!
me 2 !!!
Since my purchase got sniped in the buy/sell section, this is perfect timing. Ordered.
WOOT!! Ordered!
Got one also, thanks to the person that started this thread. Last time I emailed those guys to check the ETA, they told me it would no earlier than the middle of next year. I happen to need to take my radio out so this works out perfect for me. :)
Yeah, thanks a lot for letting us know this. Now I just need to figure out how to remove my fiancee's stereo in her Tribute.
Anyone get any sort of order confirmation?
I got a shipping email.
Hmm, I didn't. I hope nothing is amiss.
I got a shipping email also/ also bought dynamat for the door lets see how this stuff works out
Hmm, I didn't. I hope nothing is amiss.
I didn't get an email either, I'll be bummed if I don't get an AuxMod since I've already been shopping for a Sirius tuner.
in my paypal payment i requested the tracking number, then i got it maybe they only send if you request it so try emailing them.
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