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Aux Input for 05 Bose

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Hello all,

Been searching forums for a few days now and have come to the conclusion that the 3.5mm aux input mod will not work for my car (05 Mazda6 Bose). I actually did the whole mod and when it didn't work I went back to the thread and read every single post... :-(

It seems there are alternate options (Grom, XCarLink, MAZ/PC-ALP, etc).

I don't care much for button/function integration, infact, I'd actually prefer the controls not to work (volume controls are only thing that would be nice).

I thought it may be easier to just install an 06+ Bose CD changer in my 05 Bose CD changer set-up. I searched for people who had tried and saw one member who said he was going to, but never heard if he did or his success.

Does anybody know if the 06+ stereo will simply drop in to the 05?
I have an 05 Bose with Auto Climate controls.
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I'm pretty sure it won't work, as I tried it on my '05 (Bose), and it pressing the SAT button did nothing.

Man, I love my GROM. It was cheap, easy to install, and I can use either the iPod controls or the stereo via playlists. The volume controls still work. I highly recommend it.
Thanks, I went ahead and ordered the GROM. I doubt I'll set up the playlists, but being able to hookup a 3.5mm jack is nice. I'll update when I get it.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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