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Alright, as a newbie I guess we're allowed a few mistakes. But... I'm just simply dumb.

Got the K&N CAI. Lowest HP of all CAI. But... I was tricked into thinking it was the best...

Hey... That doesn't sound too bad. Right? Just take my small loss and even though I should feel too much of a diff, it's all good.

That's not the it. I actually ordered 2 things. A K&N filter and the CAI. I didn't even know that I didn't need the filter since the whole air box is being replaced. Now, I'm out 30.00.

LOL... Gotta LUV being a NOOBIE...

DON'T DEAL WITH AUTOPARTSWAREHOUSE.COM They don't know want they are talking about, but I'm sure many of you already know that.

Thanks for the help...
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