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So I have a 2013 Mazda 6, imported from Singapore. Unfortunately I do not have the "door-lock switch" that's on the drivers side. Is it possible to mod it, like they did with the Mazda 3?

This post here: Basically has every useful code and allows for heavy modding. Is there something similar for the 6?

This feature is a MUST, I do not want to spam locking and unlocking the car every time I drive it...

This site here shows the function list:

The fact that it was possible with the 3, it should be possible with the 6, right? I haven't found anything online about it, I really don't want my hopes to be shut down completely.

I do not understand Mazda, the fact that it seems to be within the firmware but there isn't an alternative option other than using the door lock. Why is it so hard for Mazda to add just a little bit more code, to make it work with the lock button on the remote?
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