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Hi all USA Mazda 6 owners,

I would just like to say hello and make your aquaintance.

My name is Warren Whittaker and I'm a Qantas pilot (domestic) living in Sydney, Australia.

I collect my new 2003 Mazda 6 "Classic" Sedan this week after waiting 8 weeks (yes that is the waiting time in Australia). On sale here since December 2002.

Like yourself, I like to make my motor vehicles, look good and drive, stop and turn well.

Just a little background information about the Australian models. They are only available with the 2.3 litre engine (10:6.1 compression ratio - requiring premium unleaded fuel 96-98 octane). There is a sedan, 5 door hatch and the station wagon.

There are 3 models:
AUS $ 28,270 Manual Limited - sedan
AUS $ 31,705 Manual Classic - sedan, hatch and wagon
AUS $ 40,270 Auto Luxury - sedan and hatch
AUS $ 41,170 ManualSports - hatch

More information can be found at

I have optioned mine from the factory with:
Mazda 7 year unlimited kilometre warranty
Mazda headlight protectors
Mazda bonnet protector
Mazda carpet floor mats
Mazda stainless steel exhaust tips
Mazda Hi-Spec Alarm system
Mazda 17 inch wheels / Bridgestone Potenza S05
215/45 ZR 17 ultra high peformance
Mazda Sports Grill
Mazda Leather Steering Wheel / Gear Knob / Hand Brake
3M Window tinting (very dark is allowed in Australia)

This including "on-road costs" came to AUS $ 37,873.00

I like your white car, but blue is my colour ... sorry.
We have a dark navy blue "Strato Blue" and a slightly lighter than navy blue "Pacfic Blue" and this is the one I have chosen.

I would like to lower the car (1-2 inches) - just for cosmetic reasons more than handling, because Australian roads can be very "rough" and you need all the suspension travel, just to cope with the "pot holes" (3-4 inches deep / 11-12 inches wide) in our country roads. Having too stiffer shocks would make the ride uncomfortable on my regular 500-800 kilometre drives. Thus the "spring only option".

The brakes will remain standard except for braided stainless steel brake lines and DOT 5 Racing Brake fluid. That should hand brake line flex and fluid temperature.

Nitrogen is freely available at most tyre retailers, so the tyres will be filled with that to control tyre temperatures.

As of yet - there are no aftermarket performance parts available for the Mazda 6 in Australia.

A company called "PowerChip"
will install a new fuel injection program for AUS $ 900.00 that will increase the power from the standard 122kW to 130kW. This obviously, is using our Australian fuels.

We have:
Regular Unleaded 89 Octane $ 0.89 litre
Premium Unleaded 95 Octane $ 0.95 litre
Hi Octane Premium Unleaded 98 Octane $ 1.03 litre

It would be appreciated if you could keep me updated to the performance accessories available in the USA and also how you Mazda 6 is coming along.

If i can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Warren Whittaker
40A Iliffe Street
Bexley NSW 2207

Telephone: 61-2-95023020
Facsimile: 61-2-95023020
Mobile: 61-0418557462
Email: [email protected]

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Welcome to the forum Warren.

A good summary of the Oz Mazda6 market. I have a Classic hatch (delivered Dec02) which I've optioned similarly to you; Mazda 17" wheels, sports grille, etc. Mine's Silver Contrail and I would have gone for Pacific Blue except it isn't available on the hatch. I wanted the hatch. Did you have trouble getting the 17" wheels? I did! Cost me A$1600 when I finally found a dealer that would do it without leaving me with four 16" wheels I didn't want.

Just wondering why you seem to be addresing our friends in the US in your post. There are people from all over the world on this forum.

Anyway enjoy your ride and don't forget to post some pics ASAP.

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hi pilot sir..:D i'm a regular user of qantas Melbourne-Sydney-Jakarta just for your info. lol

I got my Yellow Canary lux sport here in melb last november for A$45K on the road cost plus alarm and parking Sensor System
congrats on your maz6. I see lots of ppl here in melb driving 6s everywhere but i prefer my Yellow Canary better coz it looks sportier than others but no offense with your colour though :D

got my window tinted with Formula 1 plus. the 'legal' darkest i could get here in Melbourne from Tint A Car for A$305 GST incl.

one comment bout the Hi-Spec Alarm, i think it's a bit dodgy coz you have to wait for the 'beep beep' sound before you can open the door otherwise you'll ended up sounding the alarm which is quite annoying altough the sound isn't that loud.
It'd be alright if you know that you have to wait for the 'beep beep' before opening the door as the owner of the car. But Sometimes My friends just rushed in and trigger the alarm that made me a bit annoyed with that.

Yes,i also found it a bit hard to get aftermarket parts here in Australia. The only thing you can get here in australia(up until now) is only the lowering kits from Kings Springs and Eibach.
With Eibach, you can get it from

With the rest you might want to check
it's a shop based in singapore which deals with bodykits,and since you are a pilot it might be easier for you to get the aftermarket stuff :D
minding the concerning SARS issue in Singapore

Once Again Good Luck With Your M6. hope you'd enjoy it as much as i do

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A very good friend of mine, who happens to reside in Sydney, Australia, highly recommended the Mazda6 i for me to purchase. No regrets, car is wonderful. Isn't it among the top 5 in Australia's car of the year?

I live in San Francisco, CA and had the car for a month now. Since purchasing the car, I have only seen 3 or 4 Mazda6 i cars!! We went to the dealer and drove home the car the same day.

We only have the sedan here in the States (V6 and 2.3l) . I think the wagon and liftback will be here next year. I heard the wagon will be AWD too.

The options installed in the car are :
1. sports package 205/50 17 tires and rims (Michelin pilot)
2. side, front and rear skirts
3. side and curtain air bags
4. leather and heated seats. The leathing steering wheel and shifter are standard.
5. bose sound system (almost live concerts while driving!!!)
6. moonroof

It sure is fun going for long drives in this car or short drives...

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wow..good on ya mate! i had to wait for 7 weeks to get my 6
sometimes it's good to see few m6 around like when i first got the car, almost everyone at least glance or even stared at my cars for ages...
some even asked me bout the cars n stuff
but nowadays..they are everywhere and less people look at my car no more... :( bit sad though..but what can i say...i can't be a selfish person can i? hehehe. so the only way to become 'the sole owner' is to do some exterior mods...which i'm doing rite now :D

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Hi Warren & A Big Welcome to the Forums !!!

Yes even us Aussies love our Mazda 6's !!! :p

You will find all kinds of mazda 6 Owners here, from all over the World !, From Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Sweden.....etc even Kuwait !:D

So Once again a big Welcome !!!

However, Different Countries have different Specifications so Maybe best to chat About the Aussie Models in the Australian Part of the Forum.....

There are lots of great People Here and we all share our Fondness for the 6 !!!!!!!!
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