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hey, we over at the Mazda3forums are having our first Statewide Meet and see if yall are interested.

Okay, here is the plan. The meet will take place starting Friday, June 23rd and go to Sunday June 25th. This is a meet for ALL Mazda's, this is not a Mazda3 specific meet. All Mazda's are encouraged to come.
The drive will be a ~160 mile drive through the Hill Country, including roads such as Lime Creek Road. There will be a nice bit of twisties along with some nice flat straights to get up some cruising speed.

Rough Itenerary:
Friday - June 23rd, 2006
6pm: Meet at the shopping center on Brodie for dinner
7-7:30pm: Move to Westgate Lanes Bowling for 2-3 games of bowling
10:30pm: Call it a night and head out to houses or hotels

Saturday - June 24th, 2006
8am: Meet at Cabella's in Buda
10am: Start the cruise
12pm: Stop at True Grits Texas Grill for lunch
1pm: Back on the road
3pm: Finish cruise at Blazer Lazer Tag
6-7pm: Head to Salt Lick for Dinner
8:30pm: Head to UT campus/downtown for photoshoot

Sunday (Dyno Day) - June 25th, 2006
8am: Meet at Jim's in Oak Hill for breakfast
9am: Leave for Pro Tech
Take off after your dyno's

Address for Brodie Shopping Center (Friday Meeting Place):
5601 Brodie Ln # 300
Sunset Valley, TX 78745, US

Address for Cabela's (Saturday Meeting Place):
15570 IH 35
Buda, Texas 78610

Address for Jim's (Sunday Meeting Place):
7101 W Highway 71 # 29
Austin, TX 78735, US

Salt Lick Menu:

Dyno Information: Dyno's will be roughly $40 for 2 pulls with air and fuel readings. We might be able to get them for more around $30 depending on the mood of the guy that will be doing the dyno's. We need at least 8 people to dyno in order to get this price. It should take roughly 30 minutes per car for a dyno session.

Blazer Tag Information:
Depending on the number of people going, we might get a group discount at Blazer Tag, taking game price down to $5.00 a game. We'll see.

DISCLAMER: I need a firm commitment on the number of people getting dyno'd. The group discount on Blazer Tag is not that much so don't feel obligated to commit to lazer tag, you don't have to play if you don't want. However, YOU WILL AFFECT PRICING if you commit to dyno and then back out a few days before. PLEASE only commit to dyno if you can!!

If you can, please put your name and which days/events you can go and if you're going to dyno


1) scismic - all 3 days and dyno
2) smokinAMD - all 3 days and dyno
3) Operator
4) italiancutie136 - all 3 days, no dyno
5) sbmonkey - all 3 days, no dyno
6) nightheir - all 3 days and dyno
7. onewingedangel- Sunday breakfast and dyno
8) Miguel(tC guy)- dyno
9) Kodiac 3 - all 3 days, maybe dyno
10) Mz3Corkey - all 3 days and dyno


1) seanw - cruise and dyno


1) TheBryGuy - all 3 days and dyno
2) jmv - depends on work, no dyno
3) hughes412 - all 3 days
4) susamafone - cruise for sure, no dyno for sure, depends on my work schedule for the rest...
5) loveofmoney69 - cruise
6) protegeric - cruise
7) Texasspeed512 - Friday and Saturday


1) canaryrx8 - Friday, maybe on the other days
2) muya - cruise
3) SOVINE - cruise


1) wrathchild
2) ittybitty
3) Casper the friendly ghost - maybe on the cruise, dyno

24+ cars
10 dynos

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Damn, looks like a cool meet but I can't make it. Best friend gets married that Saturday in Austin. Hope you guys can get a good turnout. Looks fun.

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quit making excuses and go, Mark!!

sounds fun, but i'll have to see how my on-call schedule is for that time. i'm thinking i might have to be on-call so i wouldn't be able to go.

defenitely sounds fun, though.

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quit making excuses and go, Mark!!
yeah you're right. i don't need to be in his wedding. i'll just skip it! :sarc:

crap, i was just looking at this again. you guys are meeting for dinner like a mile from my work and westgate lanes is like a mile from my crib. fack. depending on what is going on friday night for rehearsal dinner and all i might try to pop in for dinner w/ you guys. you guys need to see a real car anyways instead of baby 3's! :nana:

where on brodie you guys getting grub? there's bunch of places over there.

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Any other 6's interested in this?

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I'm interested but I have to check my schedule. I'll update on the thread before the meet.
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