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Ok so I just finished installing the Audio Link and I must say the factory stereo almost sounds decent when I use the Ipod. I am posting my installation experience to help others who like me are not very patient. First to give you a little background about me; my favorite tool is a hammer which seems to work on everything.

Well I pulled the glove box right out and when I felt a little resistance I thought I should pull harder. Well I forgot about that little string and pulled it right off. I cannot figure out where it attaches to since I pulled off the end that is up in the dash somewhere. If anyone can check this out and tell me what it attaches to it would be a big help. (By the way the string is attached on the right side of the glove box and there is a handy snap thing that comes out really easy.)

So the glove box is out and now to remove the 10mm bolt. I forgot to tell my friend to put a magnet on it or else he'll drop. . . too late he dropped it. Tried to find it and also use a magnetic stick thing which didn't work. Luckily we had a spare 10mm bolt like it was destined to happen. I will search for it later since it's like 35 degrees outside. We then removed the center console (don't forget to put a towel over the shifter) and head unit which was pretty easy but a little scary with those tight snap clips. (cold+plastic=bad) The connector for the Audio Link is on the drivers side of the head unit in case your wondering where it's located. I decided to run the cable back to the center console so I could have easier access to the Ipod.

I then cut away part of that little plastic grate in the bottom of the center console so we could feed the cable through there. We put everything back together and all was well but the shifter wasn't moving very well, like something was blocking it. I thought maybe is was my cable but then my helpful friend discovered that when he had tightened the shift knob it had caught the shift boot. Well instead of loosening the shift knob he decided to just "yank" the shift boot away and sure enough he tore the shift boot. The shifter worked much better though so at least that was a positive. Anyone know how to fix leather or how much for a new shift boot? (I know, search)

Overall I think the place where I decided to put the Ipod is a good location and the end result turned out OK. I would also like to know if anyone in the Buffalo area has a Speed6 so I could look at the glove box. Or if you need any help installing an Audio Link! I also included pics of my winter wheels just for the heck of it. (Yes I know, there is a huge gap there)



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