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Hi all, I have an annoying audio issue that is very intermittent which i can't tie down to anything in particular.
Randomly I get a really bad vibration, consistent with a split speaker cone or loose cone but sometimes it sounds like its front driver or passenger, sometimes centre speaker, sometimes rear. Sometimes starts straight away, sometimes after 1-2 hours driving (did think one time it might have been heat related).

Really bad yesterday, so much so i had to turn the radio off, (same if listening to radio, bluetooth or direct connected). This morning absolutely perfect and sound quality best its been. I do notice that when it happens, the bass control makes no difference almost no adjustment as if the amount of bass does not change with the slider. This leads me to think maybe an amplifier issue??

Anyone have any advice or experience of anything similar?

2015 Mazda 6 Estate - Boss System.
Nige Feb 2020
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