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a little background. i'm a first year student studying mechanical engineering here at auburn. i'm on a team called Formula SAE. it's sponsored by the society of automotive engineers and is a great way to get experience and a foot in the door in the automotive world, which is what i want to do. there are about 150 teams that compete in the country, and there are also competitions in australia, japan, and brazil. the us has two events, detroit and california.

the rules are pretty specific but i'll try to simplify it:
students must design and build the car by themselves
a new car must be built every year
maximum engine displacement of 600cc, with a 20mm restrictor on the intake
must run on 100octane fuel
must meet noise restrictions and safety standards
besides that it's pretty wide open
scoring is based on numerous differant categories: design, cost, presentation, acceleration, skid-pad, autocross, and the endurance race (22km). places are determined by a combination of these categories.

we're one of the elite teams in the country and usually place very high. last year in detroit we finished 15th out of 125 teams, we placed 6th in california out of about 140 teams. over the last four years we've had 3 top 5 finishes.

specifics about our car:
almost every part on the car is custom fabricated by us excpet for the engine/tranny (but even that has to be modified to fit)
weighs in at about 480lbs wet, no driver
makes 73hp to the wheels
engine is a 600cc honda motorcycle engine from a cbr600f4i
we have the latest motec engine management system with wireless real time data logging, we can change vehicle settings while it is racing
dual stage fuel injection, 8 injectors for 4 cylinders
koni suspension
we use lotus software for suspension design, the same one used on the elise
transmission is a 6 speed push button, air shifted transmission (8 times faster than a true manual)
weld wheels with specially designed michelin slicks
composite plastic body panels
yoshimura muffler, custom made header/pipe
custom made dry sump oil system
higher compression pistons
and some other goodies, but we are on a budget so nothing super expensive

0-60 in 3.1 seconds
top speed is about 140mph, we removed 6th gear because we never use it
we pulled 1.8g's on the skidpad
14,500rpm redline (conservative setting)

anything else you want to know just ask. the 2007 car is under construction now and we're hoping to have it running before spring break, the competitions are in may. so far we're done with the drivers compartment and starting the buildup of the engine, along with continuing the frame.

this is our car at the competition in california, it's held at california speedway.

our car in action at the detroit competition

the rest of the pics are from a trip we took last weekend to the michelin proving grounds in south carolina to test some new tire compounds.
front of our 2003 car

rear of 2003 car

nose of the 2003 car, ya we're a bunch of jokers

front of 2005 car

rear of 2005 car

front of 2006 car. those brackets and yellow wires are something we fabbed up to take tire temps while we were testing the new compounds.

rear of 2006 car

2006 engine. look on top of the intake manifold and you will see 4 black wires, those are for the dual stage fuel injection. the silver bottle on teh left is a co2 bottle used to power the air shifter.

2006 car in action at michelin, we put the plain black body panels on so we don't mess up our competition ones


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hello fellow alabamaian. One of my employees now is transfering down to Auburn to be in this program. He's a "drifting queer". These cars look great. I almost wish I knew about this 10 years ago. I've done a lot of new part development in my day as well.

When I was 17 I built a 11.5hp single seat go-kart with a 2spd tranny. It clocked 72mph with NO suspension. Needless to say I have kidney problems now.

p.s. kick some ass on saturday.
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