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ATX gear shifting display

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Hi , newbie from the UK here!!
I have a 2.0L 2007 Mazda 6 (only had it a couple of weeks) it appears to have the 5-speed ATX, my question really relates more to the gear indicator on the dashboard when in 'D' mode; whilst slowing down and the indicator displays No.3, then while slowing down still further it just sits there displaying gear 3 until just below 10mph , I expected it to then display No.2 at some point here which it doesn't , it then just goes straight to No.1 when I'm at virtual stop, just wonder why under these conditions it won't display gear 2, however it will display gear No.2 when going up the gears and also using the manual +/- shift it will also go up and down and display all the gear numbers, but as said it's only when in automatic 'D' mode , is this normal behaviour for these ATX's (if any of the above makes sense :lol:)
Cheers Pete
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It is normal. And it does make sense if you think about it. When coming to a stop it's not really necessary to down shift all the way back to 1st. And If you are not gonna stop it will then shift to 1st or 2nd anyway depending on pedal position.
No problem.And yeah at low speeds it has to do more with Pedal position than anything. If you floor it it will go to first obviously with less pedal action it may shift to 2nd. or stay in 3rd.
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