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Hi and Welcome to the forum! If you come seeking assistance for a Mazda 6 issue, please TELL the Story providing the basic detail about what does and doesn't work right as we can't read your mind! Provide the relevant information like - Who, What, When, and Where a certain event or condition occurs.

Who - 2007 6i 5 speed Automatic, with 69,000 miles. Previous repairs include a new alternator and battery.
What - The right front head light no longer lights and I checked the fuses and swapped the low beam head light from the left to the right. It still does not light.
When - this problem started last week after I drove through a very deep puddle of water.
Where - sometimes it matters where you are as to which model and options your car has. Tell us where!

With this basic information members can better understand your needs and hopefully help you!

Also - if you start a thread asking for help and members answer your questions; it's customary to say thanks and/or click the "Thanks" button if someone goes out of there way to help you. Be advised that you should use the "search" function first to see if your issue has been discussed before.

Thanks and enjoy the forum!
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Not open for further replies.