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Discussion Starter · #1 · fmic, turbo and 3" down pipe will be available this december, now all we need is some excellent tuning from cobb and well be all set to make some serious power, between cp-e's excellent products, atpturbo and cobb we will all with speed6's truely be able to go fast, so what other shops are working on tuning for the speed6's, please list if you know of any others
ofcourse when only safe to do so

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Considering it's his first and only post currently.... i'm not suprised. I'm guessing he's not from / in the US either... but I could be wrong. Anyway... A LOT... and i mean A LOT of people / companies claim this and that for the speed6... and other vehicles... if they actually release a quality product... only time will tell...

I thought CP-E was a joke when I first saw they released a "light weight battery trey" i mean.. come on... lol

But they were the first out with CAI... that works great... First Downpipe... and possibly first public FMIC... I know another has a custom-fab setup or two... but they aren't setup to release them to the community as a whole I don't think....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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