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Apexi S-AFC

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I've had this s-afc land in my lap, so basically i'm wondering if this will work with our cars? It's not the newer version, i think this one was made in 98, but I know they are supposed to be universal.

I've searched around but found no solid answers or applications of this version of the s-afc. The one I have is seen here:

and I beleive the manual is here:

Now, I have pretty much no knowledge about these things, but I believe it's similar to the cpe mafci. My one question is would this be able to manage the CEL problem without the CPE intake? I undersatnd there would need to be some professional tuning involved most likely.

I figured i'd ask if it works since i got it for free... if not, ebay here she comes.
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One more bump? 51 views.. anybody? I know the s-afc II works..
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