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1) if they are the same identical kits then why Xtec bulbs sell more than Apex ones on your site ?!

2) ... what is the difference between this DDM kit (besides smallest ballast - by how much - what's their respective sizes ?)
and the Apexcones kit

I'm interested/only starting to find out here and would like to know all the differences , advantages , etc. such as circuitry reliability and best avail. from market stuff mumbo jumbo

3) How much brighter the off-road 55W one compared to the 35W ?
4) Will 35/55W kits hurt our stock 6 's power/electrical system also ??
5) Does it require/pull a lot of juice from the alternator/battery ?
6) How do these 35/55W compare to HIDs from the BMWs & Bimmers as far as intensity + color of light displayed on the road ?
7) Do your kits project further straightforward ahead in distance than the stock 6 , besides just glowing brighter , how much more if so ?

8) Where is the best place to fit the balast in the engine bay , or somewhere else for it to be discrete and at the same time weatherproof if it is not already completely ?
Those are questions that are easily answered with a search
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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