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*APEXCONE HID kit $130 shipped!!!! OUR LOWEST PRICE!!*Xenon Expert

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Hi Everybody,

Effective : 17/07/2007

Apexcone HID kit. Xenon Expert. You know the names and quality they represent as we've been in this forum for the last 4 years. Well, we just have great news. We now offer more flexibility when you want to buy the Apexcone kit.

Some customers have been asking us for the lowest price possible and that's what we are offering today. You can now order the Apexcone kit at $130 shipping included in th US. At that price you get a one year warranty on the kit.

Some customers like the piece of mind of lifetime warranty. No problem, you can still get the kit with it at $155. That's even lower then our last price!!! (bow)(bow)

Bottom line, Apexcone brand HIDs are the same superior product at significant savings.

35W kits
$130 shipped. One year warranty.(yes)
$155 shipped. Lifetime warranty. (Just add the lifetime warranty option to your order) (naughty)

NEW 55W kits
$150 shipped. One year warranty. (yes)
$175 shipped. Lifetime warranty. (Just add the lifetime warranty option to your order) (naughty)

You can get your hands on that kit here:


Enjoy! ;)

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I am not a new XenonExpert customer (well, i guess techincally i am :) ) But Oliver has always been very helpful and provided great service. I did not hesitate at all to buy from him.

I just ordered a set for my wife's Mazda6 Wagon (as a birthday gift) and can't wait to get them. Since shipping is always fast, i know i'll get them in time, not only before her Bday, but intime to get them installed too!!!

Merci Beaucoup Oliver!!
Got my Kit installed last night. With the help of the how-to's found on this site, the install only took me 2.5hrs from start to finish....and that included taking a ton of pics and a drive around the neighborhood.

The quality ofthe kit is great, not to mention the awesome price. The output is great a HUGE improvement over stock. Although now the bumper fogs look goofy being very yellow in comparison.

Thanks to Oliver and XenonExpert for the great deal!!!

I got the 4500K 35w kit. The wife LOVE's it!!!!
1 - 2 of 104 Posts
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