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Anyone install ClearProtectant Shields/ 3m etc?

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Hello All,

I like many put Highway miles and hate to get stone chips on my new '07 Mazda 6. Has anyone ever tried any of the clear coat plastics that can be added to the hood and bumper areas to keep paint nicer from bugs / rock chips, etc? Do they work?

I see one seller on ebay with good feedback who is selling them for the Mazda 6 for about $30 and then you can find the true 3m dealers and they charge $250-$400 for their kits...but then you must apply them. Or you can find some local installers but they run up the price more.

I think I don't want a bra for my car...but would love to protect the paint in the front.

Tulsa, OK
'07 Mazda 6
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I have this problem too. I'm mad at my self for not getting wax on my bumper and mirrors before I drove it a bunch. Now im dealing with tons of bug goo I can't get off. I scrub and scrub but I'm not having much luck. I thought about a bra but I saw a picture of a 6 with a bra and it just didn't really look too good.

I also got 2 dings on my hood from a stupid run in with some corn. Some jack ass kids decieded it would be funny to plant corn stalks in the road standing up one early, foggy morning. So me going to work at 6:30am when its dark, and foggy as shit going about 50mph. I look up and see nothing but corn straight ahead. Needless to say I hit the corn. I first thought I didn't have any damage but after a wash I noticed a rather large ding on the hood and a smaller ding as well. I swear if ever catch them kids putting the corn in the road they are going to find corn stuck in places the sun don't shine...
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