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Anyone install ClearProtectant Shields/ 3m etc?

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Hello All,

I like many put Highway miles and hate to get stone chips on my new '07 Mazda 6. Has anyone ever tried any of the clear coat plastics that can be added to the hood and bumper areas to keep paint nicer from bugs / rock chips, etc? Do they work?

I see one seller on ebay with good feedback who is selling them for the Mazda 6 for about $30 and then you can find the true 3m dealers and they charge $250-$400 for their kits...but then you must apply them. Or you can find some local installers but they run up the price more.

I think I don't want a bra for my car...but would love to protect the paint in the front.

Tulsa, OK
'07 Mazda 6
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I had 3M paint protection film installed on my MS6 shortly after I bought it. The shop charged me about $700 for the front bumper, front edge of the hood and fenders, side mirrors, and rocker panels.

The protection film definately helps reduce chips and scratches. but the paint on these cars is so brittle that nothing can completely prevent damage. I have a couple of spots where stones have cracked the paint under the film, and one spot where something chipped right throught the film and paint! :swearin:

If you do a lot of highway driving, especially in regions with lots of dirt and gravel on the roads, the film will probably help extend the life of the paint on the most vunerable areas.

However, I've realized that if I ever want the car to look really nice again, I'll need a new paint job. If I ever decide to go this route, I hope I can find an aftermarket paint that is much, much, much more durable than the brittle stock finish.
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