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Anybody have pics of a 6 w/ the "Chrome Appearance Package" option? I had a 6, was in an accident (due to fault of other driver); my 6 got totalled.. Now I'm looking for another 6 to replace the first. The first was a fully loaded manual glacier silver 6s sport... So far I have found steel gray & black ones at dealers right now... One dealer has a Steel Gray one coming soon with the Chrome Appearance Package... I went to and saw what the package looks like in small pics, but I was wanting to see it on a whole car picture w/ some different angles,etc, to see if i would like it or not. I think the package consists of chrome lines on the side of the car, and a chrome 'rear finisher' which is the 'bar' above the license plate area right where the trunk is.. Apparently that is chrome..

any one have any pics of this?
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