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tirerack sent package by UPS.
anyone know how much will UPS charge for the taxes, duty, and ....?
I assume you mean TireRack in the US, shipping to Canada? Expect to pay 13.5% taxes (GST and PST), plus brokerage fees in the range of $50 to possibly $80 or more, depending on the final total value, if they deliver to your door.

You can clear Customs yourself and avoid the brokerage fees (which go into UPS's pockets as a fee charged to you to clear them through Customs and collect the taxes from you). You would need to intercept the shipment before it gets to your door (ie. call UPS and tell you want to clear it yourself), then get the paperwork from the UPS centre (by the Vancouver Intl Airport), take it down the street to Customs, show the Customs agent the paperwork and pay the 13.5% taxes, take the stamped paperwork back to UPS, hand it to them and collect your package.
This process will take about 30-40 minutes, not including your driving time to the airport.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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