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It looks like just his last name, Amemiya.

Isami Amemiya has been making a name for himself since he first started turning wrenches on rotary engines in 1974 and became a pioneer in experimenting with extracting extra horsepower from rotary-powered Mazdas. Thirty years later, first on the street and later in the JGTC series, Amemiya made his mark indelibly on the rotary tuning and motorsports world. Since 1995, his company, RE Amemiya (RE for Rotary Engine), has continued its participation as the lone rotary entry in the JGTC series with a 3-rotor 20B-powered RX-7 in the GT300 class. Rotary enthusiasts from southern California and across the country flocked to cheer on Amemiya and the aptly numbered, #7 Amemiya Asparadrink RX-7. ... GT Live attendees were able to see two RE Amemiya-tuned Mazdas in action firsthand. [/b]
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