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Any lifehacks to put Drive Belt on? Dosn't fit.

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Hey, guys!
Here is the problem. I've ordered Gates belt to replace my own at ~80k, but that new belt is too tight - I'm not able to put it on. No matter which pulley I'm trying to pull the last - no chance. Tried to "play" with crankshaft as I saw in some videos - nothing helped. I harrassed the tensioner bolt so hard, thence it's getting rounded. I'm sure the bolt isn't selling separetely, without the whole assembly, so I definitely wouldn't like to fully round it. Therefore I don't have a lot of attempts to turn it.
So, maybe there are some lifehacks or tricks to get this done.
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My usual path on these is to place everything except the alternator, which is usually the smallest pulley, then do the tensioner and slide it over. The other alternative is to place everything except the tensioner but that is usually a lose. The key is to be absolutely certain that ALL of the other pulleys have the belt correctly on their pulleys or it will appear to be too short (when it really isn't.)
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