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Hello all,
I have a 2003 Mazda S6 3.0L sedan. Over the past few months my car has started to sputter and jerk. At first it was just when it was slowing down or not driving too fast (10-20mph). Now it seems to do time. I got a tune up about 2 months ago and the jerking seemed to ease up. I'm currently out to sea (U.S. Navy) and my room mate told me that she went to start up my can and it wouldn't turn over. She had to jump it with her car. I read up on the symptoms and I read on a thread that the issues I was having were common when the battery or alternator needed to be replaced. I've read issue with O2 sensors and other sensors. I play on having my car checked out when I get back but I'm trying to get more information on what to ask or what the problem could be. Any help that you guys have would be great. Thanks!
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