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Any gotchas before I do the brakes on my 2016 6 GT?

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I absolutely detest doing brake jobs. In my life I've done brake jobs on the following:
  • 81 626
  • 04 Mazda 6
  • 96 Miata

- and maybe my 92 Saturn SL, don't remember for sure.

Every single time the job has been a nightmare.

But this summer I've been spending far, far too much money and I need to try and save wherever I can, so I'm considering doing the front brakes on my 6 myself instead of giving my mechanic the job.

Are there any 'gotchas' I need to worry about? I recall on my Miata there is something about needing to back out a piston with an allen wrench instead of just pushing on it, for example.

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Manual or electric E brake? Gotta put EPB in maint mode first. Brakes are about the easiest thing to do aside from rotating tires. Also EPB, just push the caliper in, not rotate.

I HIGHLY suggest getting Centric Rotors and PowerStop Z23 pads above ANY other combination for any reason.
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Does that seem reasonable for a daily driver? 60k total miles on the car so far.
I got mine from Tirerack, they are a little bit more, but come anodized and lathed to match a certain tolerance. I also recommend changing the rears at the same time. Yes, PS Z23 pads are worth it. Brakes are not something i recommend skimping or cheaping out on.

Japan models, fronts: 120.45086 $69 each, rears: 120.45093 $37 each.
I got my Z23 pads from CarID, an advertising vendor on this site for less than Autozone wanted for just the fronts.
Be aware, they take a specific and longer bed in process, but once complete, they stick like glue.
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What normally secures that nut? What can I do to fix this?
Your 14mm open ended wrench. Brake jobs on these cars are easy.
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