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Any gotchas before I do the brakes on my 2016 6 GT?

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I absolutely detest doing brake jobs. In my life I've done brake jobs on the following:
  • 81 626
  • 04 Mazda 6
  • 96 Miata

- and maybe my 92 Saturn SL, don't remember for sure.

Every single time the job has been a nightmare.

But this summer I've been spending far, far too much money and I need to try and save wherever I can, so I'm considering doing the front brakes on my 6 myself instead of giving my mechanic the job.

Are there any 'gotchas' I need to worry about? I recall on my Miata there is something about needing to back out a piston with an allen wrench instead of just pushing on it, for example.

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I like the Z23 pads a LOT, to the point that I put on my truck too.

Accept no substitutes, as they say... :cool:
He's talking about cleaning the HUB; the new rotor had better be clean as it just came out of the box!

He's right by the way; if you have corrosion on the hub it will prevent the rotor from seating evenly on the hub surface and that's very bad news. Get your wire wheel out for the drill and clean the hub surface where the rotor seats REAL WELL before you install the new rotors.
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Go get a thinner wrench. I have a set of "cheap' ones that are suitable for this sort of thing.
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