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Any Bay Area/NorCal members?

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Just wondering if there are anymore 6club bay area/norcal members still around. I post up meet info and no one ever responds anymore. Wondering if you guys exist still, let me know!
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I wanted to bring this back up as well as I'm sure more people would be interested in helping out bring our mazda community together. Please PM me your e-mail if you're seriously interested in helping out with the BBQ and helping out bring up a new club. I'm looking for active members who have a similar vision as I and are serious about uniting a divided community and bringing everyone together in events like meets and car shows and hopefully track days and such in the future!
i dont think you will get much response here but good god that 95 rx7 in your you still have it?

1995..chaste white..base model... now if its a 5 speed thats the ideal 3rd gen

I have a 94 montego blue with a lsx swap, but I promised myself if i was to ever get another fd, it would be a 93 cym or a 95 chaste white... and of course the 95>93:D
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bring out the FD, Ill bring out the gtr since my FD needs smog at the moment

anything done to your 6?
Doh! Just realized your question was directed at Mazdaspeed RX8 Ver2 and not myself. Oops haha.
no worries man..what kind of HIDs did you get for your 6? im getting kind of tired of the halogen yellow bulbs.

would like something with a smaller/slimmer ballast so i can tuck it or hide it away in the engine bay
Go with the 5000k color temperature for your HIDs; it's the best color if you don't want yellow and still want the best usable light.

I currently run Morimoto HIDs and in all honesty, it's not worth the amount you pay in my opinion. My Morimotos seem to misfire about 25% of the time. It's nothing permanent as a simple on and off flick of the headlight stalk will fix it, but it shouldn't be happening with a $150 kit.

DDMs or Kensuns' seem to be a popular option around here as well.
DDMs are priced so cheap I feel like its bound to break sooner or later so you can just buy another one to replace

Ever heard of sportiva HID systems? HID Kit, XenonLight, scooter parts, Moped, Scooter , Off Road ATV, Gas scooter, electric scooter, Go-Kart, Car Headlight and Fog light HID Xenon Conversion Kit , Sportiva HID

They supposedly have AC systems vs the conventional DC system and claim it lasts 3 times longer.

prices seem fair
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