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Any Bay Area/NorCal members?

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Just wondering if there are anymore 6club bay area/norcal members still around. I post up meet info and no one ever responds anymore. Wondering if you guys exist still, let me know!
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For those who are interested in helping me with a project for the community...

Looking for NorCal/Bay Area Members - General Discussion - 7TUNED
I wanted to bring this back up as well as I'm sure more people would be interested in helping out bring our mazda community together. Please PM me your e-mail if you're seriously interested in helping out with the BBQ and helping out bring up a new club. I'm looking for active members who have a similar vision as I and are serious about uniting a divided community and bringing everyone together in events like meets and car shows and hopefully track days and such in the future!
i dont think you will get much response here but good god that 95 rx7 in your you still have it?

1995..chaste white..base model... now if its a 5 speed thats the ideal 3rd gen

I have a 94 montego blue with a lsx swap, but I promised myself if i was to ever get another fd, it would be a 93 cym or a 95 chaste white... and of course the 95>93:D
Finally got someone to answer! Haha.

Yeah, i figured i wouldn't get much response but definitely worth a shot.

Yup, i still got the 95 FD. It is 5spd Chaste White Base with R1/2 oil coolers and strut bar. If i could get a 93 R1 CYM, hell yeah or even a black on red FD.

I got a few parts already here for it like the JDM spoiler, RZ/Spirit R brakes, Advox Coilovers, HID Bi-Xenon kit and soon to be JDM front end and either BBS RGR wheels or Series 8 RZ wheels.

On the car right now is just racing beat springs, racing beat cat back and racing beat front sway bar and kouki lights.

Definitely my collectors piece with 11k miles on it but ive been driving it around lately and its almost at 12k :( lol!
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Whats up guys! Glad people finally responded.

For those who want to help out with our bbq or NCM club planning, we are meeting up at automall in and out tonight at 6pm. It will coincide with the MOCC meet tonight at 8pm at the same location.

Nothings really done to the FD yet, just racing beat springs, front sway bar and catback. I do have parts lining up for the car though. As for my MS6, completely stock. Getting new motor and diff mounts soon as well as h&r coilovers. I do have rx8 r3 wheels for it too but waiting till i get the suspension to put it on.
Doh! Just realized your question was directed at Mazdaspeed RX8 Ver2 and not myself. Oops haha.
Lol, it doesn't matter cause the next question was gonna get asked was what mods are on your car anyway. Haha, very proactive. You guys should come out to Fremont automall in and out right now if you're not doing anything. I'm hosting a club planning meet and MOCC will be meeting here tonight. Not a lot of 6's come out.
For me, i wouldn't go cheap when it comes to lighting for both safety and aesthetics. Haha.
Checking in. I am in Fremont and commute between Fremont and Greatmall on 880
Welcome welcome! Looks like all the bay area 6's are starting to come out of the wood works now. I commute down 880 as well between union city and fremont (near milpitas). Though i work nights so i commute pretty late (5:30pm - 6:00am'ish)

You guys definitely need to come out to my meets some time. Usually get rotaries and some Mazdaspeed 3's, maybe one or two miatas. I have a 6 so i hope more 6's come out. Lol
Hey, sorry for the late response as well, just got back from vacation. Meeting locations vary, i do post up the flyers with the meet information on it and location. Great Mall in Milipitas is one of the many locations we do meet up. Keep posted :) I do have a thread that i post in in this same regional forum, i hope to see you guys there sometime!
Hope you guys make it out to the meet this saturday :)
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