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another old school

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Ok, another old school classic... cobra (kit car - i am sure, but who cares). kit car or not, this is still a super sweet looking auto! Also, a couple of "cobra details" from some shelby mustangs. (if you wanna see 68-69 camaros, that could be the next set of classics - have a ton of them).

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Replica or not, that's a nice ride!
My neighbor that's a cop has one of those. Same exact, except it's not a kit car. It's authentic, and when he turns it on that thing just growls. It's an extremely nice looking car.
That there my friends would be the "Superformance Mark III". I know this because my best friends dad is starting a Superformance dealership in Texas. And he owns one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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