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Today I took delivery of my new to me 6 wagon. This is the first jap car I have owned for years. It has some trick suspension (X factory I believe) a nice exhaust, 18" alloys and thats about it. The 18" mazda alloys look the part as do the red callipers..
First impressions are great, handles very well and the road noise is less than my last car, which was a Holden. The fit and finish of the 6 is great and the bits of leather finish it off nicley. Power wise it was what I expected and it will be a great car I reckon.
The stereo is the Bose option but the radio reception is pathetic so I need to mount a decent short aerial somewhere. The drivers seat seems a bit hard after my 4 hour drive home but I will give it time.
Great forum and I will be hanging around.
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