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AMOC presents: Pull Apart Mazmart (March 2)

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Join the Atlanta Mazda Owners Club at Mazmart March 2nd for a day of food, friends, and the best used Mazda prices in the world!

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For more information; basically it will be like pull a part, for basically the same type prices.. VERY CHEAP!

AMOC will also be grilling up some burgers and hot dogs as well, so if you need some parts you can think you need a hold of, I would highly recommend coming!

It'll be a mostly all day event (probably open around 10, and close at 5).

As a reminder, this is for anyone interested in picking up some parts for very cheap, but if you do want to hang out, come on out!
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1 week away bump!

From what I've discussed with Paul they absolutely will be absolutely INSANE prices as long as they have the part.

An update on the weather; I've been watching it and it keeps changing, it looks like it's going to be a bit cooler than expected next weekend, fortunately it looks like we will get some sunshine though, should help warm things up, but still.. definitely may want to grab a jacket! Should be around 50 degrees next Saturday.
Only Friday is separating us!

Word of warning, the weather has constantly been changing on that day and now it's showing a few showers, and it may be a bit cool so definitely bring a jacket, umbrella might not hurt to grab either if we do get rained on!
Only today separates us from awesome prices!

HOWEVER, it looks as though the weather has turned as far to the worst as possible! We're expected to have rain and snow flurries all afternoon. No longer is it going to be the expected 50 degrees and sunny.

Seriously, please dress appropriately, we don't want anyone getting sick!

Two Protege Hatches are even for sale!

Other MUST KNOW information:
Here are the general instructions and guidelines for the event:
When you arrive, please come inside and ask for Paul or Travis. Let us know what you are interested in. If it's already on the shelves we will get it for you. If we know we have it on a car, we will ascertain the safety of the self service pull and take you to the vehicle (Whether inside or outside) AFTER YOU HAVE PAID the cheaper than normal pricing. If you see something else you want, please do not take it before returning to the showroom to inquire. We will be happy to give you a tour of the yard or the building but PLEASE do not take the liberty of giving yourself the tour. I am looking forward to serving you. let's all be safe and courteous to one another :D
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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