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AMOC January 2013 info

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Lets talk upcoming events and news shall we?

C&O is this coming Sunday (6th) (it'll be a freezing one, literally), so if no one comes out, I can't blame you!
C&O next month I know a bunch of Speed guys are wanting to get together for that so might as well inform everyone.. make an appearance at the February C&O.

Plan I'm working on is essentially having a "tour around 285", where instead of just the Flying Biscuit Norcross we'll go to new locations further for some and closer to others to get some new faces to come out to some meets.
If anyone has any recommendations on places to eat at specific locations just let me know (just be aware, I know there are great places to eat around BUT there has to be parking for everyone as well so downtown stuff is less likely to happen).

We'll have an install meet whenever it starts to get warm, beginning to look like it will be 95% suspension work for several people, so more information to come on that later.

Other than that, if anyone has any suggestions or know of things going on let me know. There are always some good shows and events and whatnot going on.

In other news, we will also have a new t-shirt design which I am working on, it will be a blue shirt with grey design, I will post an image of it when it is done, and will also be taking pre-orders at a lower price this year as well. They will be very nice shirts done by JATO project down in Florida, and the price will remain the same otherwise ($20) until further notice.

One last thing, if anyone wants a specific color AMOC decal (as opposed to black or white [or those lucky miata owners with the rainbow and stars one]), let me know what color you want! As always, decals are picked up at events, and are FREE.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years, hope to see and meet many more locals this year!
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