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According to auto zones wire diagrams and this mazda parts site.,2413&groupid=2420&subgroupid=4147&componentid=2312&make=22&model=MAZDA6&year=2003&graphicID=5440120&callout=4&catalogid=2&displayCatalogid=0

There is supposed to be a heat duct and a heat insulator on the alternator, if so both mine are missing. I have a 03 mazda 6 2.3. Just wondering if anyone can confirm this because my car had the alternator replaced a year ago last week it blew out. They put another in and that crapped out within a couple days. I'm thinking if both those parts are missing, with the past couple weeks and the hot weather has something to do with it. I just need someone to confirm this and a place where i can find the heat insulator thats not in that diagram would be great thankyou.
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