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I have a 2010 Mazda 6 GH (2.2 diesel 95kW, manual) and it looks like I managed to destroy some parts of the electrical system.

Side story is that I was resetting the blinking DPF, the friendly service reminder (no error codes oil change was just done a few months back and oil and it's level looks perfect, pretty much this is what I did: Mazda 6 Flashing DPF Light Fix & Reset - VehiculR XTRA - YouTube). When I removed the cable which connected the socket to the ground I successfully managed to touch the end which was in the socket to the bolt just right next to the main fuse so there was a connection between that and ground (as far as I can see basically that bolt connects the + of the battery to the fusebox). It was a 1 sec touch with all it's expected show elements: spark, wire got really hot.

So from that point I have only the following electric parts working:
  • Headlights
  • Breaklights
  • Reverse light and the reverse radar
  • Dashboard

There is no fancy error light on the dashboard except the DSC light seems to be lighting when I turn the key and I have the speedometer doing the magical back and forth round which suggests some battery problems I guess.

Other than this I have 0 electricity:
  • Trunk, electric locks gone
  • No interior lighting, no radio
  • No AC/heating basically nothing inside
  • When I try to start the car (in N stepping on the break and clutch) nothing no cranking not even a slight sound of it trying to start the car

So question is, what did I trash and how bad it is? I suspected maybe most of the fuses but I checked and none of them seem to blew. Now my guesses are the main fuse (125A) or the battery. The main fuse I cannot see properly if it blew and I'm not really comfortable removing that piece to check at the moment. But if it is the main fuse how is it possible that I have the beam lights working which should be hooked after that fuse? Also if it is the battery how is it possible that I have the lights working but not the low consuming basic interior electronics (I would understand if it was the starter only). Any ideas, pointers other than a more costly check than an oil change and service reset at an official dealer would have been?

I also tried to connect to the OBD to read from the main unit but of course that is also dead silent.



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