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airbags faults

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hey just about three weeks ago my wife crashed my 2004 mazda6 2.0lD and what i did was to keep down the price of repair, i found a 2003 with the engine blown and swaped the front including the crash sensor under the bumper, the bags( only the drivers, the only one that deployed) and the seat belt. the airbag light is now flashing code 13. Does and one no what this is, or what i can do? is there any thing else i can swap from the spare car?
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Usually you need to get a code erased or the car thinks the airbags are already blown. I personally have never had it done, but I do hear its expensive, here in the US that is.
Not sure if you can switch the SRS brain from car to car.
Why didn't you keep the '03 intact and just swap motors, it would've kept a clean title.

If I were you I'd find a list of parts people want or need from your doner car and post 'em for sale. Not sure if the distance of continents would be worth it...
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