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Many GM vehicles have one. It's EXTREMELY useful; the factory air filter is excellent, but changing it unnecessarily is stupid. The actual time required to change it depends on your driving conditions (e.g. how much dust is in the air, mostly.)

The only way to KNOW is to have an airflow restriction indicator. Well, there's a nice place for one, which you can see in the image below.

You need: ACDelco AFM4 indicator ([ame][/ame])

1/8" close brass nipple
1/8 FIP to 1/4 MIP adapter
O-ring to fit the 1/8" close brass nipple.
Pack of washers (7/16" is about right) to fit nipple.

Mark the location of the indicator as shown with a pen.
Remove the air filter cap from the car and drill a 3/8" hole -- the OD of the threads in the correct location.
Using pipe tape put ONE wrap (only!) on the nipple, stack two washers on it, and screw it into the indicator.
Place the O-ring on the nipple (not really necessary, but it will improve the seal)
Screw THAT into the airfilter housing.
Put two washers on the back, screw on the brass adapter and tighten moderately with a wrench to lock it all in place.

Put the cap back on and you're done.

Now just pull WOT once in a while and when you are doing oil changes look at the indicator. If it shows you're ok, leave the air filter alone! If not change it and press the button in to reset.

Easy as pie -- looks factory and works great.


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