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Air Con is not cold at low speed

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I am having a 05, 2.3 MZR. The Air con is not cold at low speed, but is freezing cold at high speed (over 50km/hr). And when i lower the speed again, it doesn't cold again. I can say it is a bit hot.

I have tried to use the fresh intake, recirculate, Econ mode on or off. The same symptom still persist. Anyone has any idea to solve it?:confused:

Many thx/Tominus
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Every car I've ever owned did this to some extent. Check to see that the fan is should run any time the compressor is cycling. Check for a dirty / obstructed condensor. Pressure wash any dirt / bugs off it. If it can't shed heat well, the system won't cool properly. If it persists, have the system pressure checked. It might need freon, or could possibly have the wrong ratio of freon / refrigerant oil. Too much refrigerant oil will cause ineffective cooling.
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