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AI Generated Mazdas

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Before I start, yes, I'm fully aware "AI" as the world is calling it isn't technically AI (yet). It's just very fast computers relying on giant databases of information.

Regardless, I've been messing with generated images for a bit now and was surprised at the results because it does a pretty good job (for being in its infantile stages). I can't wait until it's more fine-tuned and doesn't have as many little issues.

Attemp at my 6
Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Car

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Hood

Attempt at the Miata RF
Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Car

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Sky

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

Rally Miata because why not.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

And Attempted Monster Truck Miata
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

I also asked it to do a Mazda Concept car based on the Furai
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle
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Can tell they are fake though. Interesting.
Depends on the style - I'm using a "fantasy" style since it's the most flexible and usually has the highest overall accuracy - there are lots of other styles (including realistic) that you can choose from.
It’s certainly cool what the AI technology can do. When it gets things like reflections and surface continuity correct, it’ll be even scarier. The Mazda logo is pretty simple, odd that it kept gagging on it.
All hail to our future electronic overlords…
Logo reproduction may have certain legal implications that are trying to be avoided.
Little bit of A and B

1) They definitely try to avoid copyright infrindgement by messing with logos.
2) All image generators struggle with languages/text at the moment.
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Really interesting!
Very curious how the interface/interaction with the AI works - do you simply type in "white 2016 Mazda6 3/4 front view with Asian temple in the background" or how does it work? How do you fine tune the results?
Depends on the genreator you're using - I'm using Maze.Guru - completely free (you can make like 40 images per day) and they do their best to keep the NSFW stuff away so I like it. It's a fairly new generator (December) so it's still growing.

To answer your question, yes! You somply type in what you want, select an art stlye/genre, and off you go! It's certainly not perfect and takes a lot of getting used to what it's looking for within the prompts, but I'm happy to answer questions if you'd like.

Here's the prompt I used for my 6:

a 2014 mazda 6 sedan, mazda6, white, black rims, neon glow, (neon under car), (background at ancient japanese pagoda, banzai trees), ultra detailed, dynamic lighting, masterpiece, full focus, highly detailed

You can create some unbelievable things. Here are some of my favorites/funniest below:
Green Nature World Branch Natural landscape

Light Lighting Pollinator Entertainment Pink

Snow Water Atmosphere Sky Plant

Photograph Water Sunglasses Goggles Thigh

Atmosphere Light World Sky Flash photography

Cartoon Purple Plant Tree Pink

Atmosphere Photograph World Sky Nature

Orange Flash photography Entertainment Gas Fire

Fashion Flash photography Cool Black hair Cg artwork
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