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Hey I have an 04 mazda6 wagon with the bose stereo and 6cd in dash, i recently installed a sub and amp but for some reason when i release the ebrake and the drl turn on the sub makes a humming noise even with the radio off. I connected it to the factory sub connector, i no alot of ppl tap into the rear speakers, but yea i wanted to try this way. i take the signals and the remote from the connector and power and ground are run separate. I checked the ground and sanded it to bare metal so i don think thats the problem, Im running a mtx 12" sub with a rockford p3001 with the crossover set to LP at about 100hz and runnin a 1F cap, its wierd because its only with the drl as soon as i turn on the headlights it goes away and this still happens when the car is off so its not alternator noise. Any suggestions?

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