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Hello Nobios,

i know it’s a couple of months ago you wrote this on this form but you
helped me a lot with this research , i was also struggling with an aftermarket camera.
After reading your research some things became clear for me.
i used a 12 V camera and a 24 pin connector with video plug.
View attachment 238747

This connector must be plugged into the back of the monitor unit.
The two wires (Red /Black) are 6 V power cables for the camera.
in my case i had a 12V camera and could not use them so i picked an ACC + from the second connector in the back of the monitor unit.

View attachment 238751

When you connect the camera you must program the camera by holding the NAV and MUTE button in the console for 10 seconds.

View attachment 238750

First i had the camera powered with the reverse light ,it worked but if you turned off the car the camera was gone.
Now the fun was........ :
The MZD unit will check the whole system when you start the car for electrical users and will not see the camera because it’s not powered when the car is not in reverse!!
After i connected the camera to the 12V ACC the system will recognize the camera each time you start the car and the screen will be activated when you put the car in reverse.

I want to say: Thanks for your research and i hope that this Tech Talk would be helpful for other people.

BTW i am from the Netherlands, i tried my best to write this in English.
You made my day, I have a Mazda 2 Sedan 2017 and I was stuck, now everything works perfectly :D Greetings from Dominican Republic
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