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i have a dam mazda 6 with all exterior work done , but the problem came is when i put aem cai . every thing well ok and no cel. 2 days my cel light up and my car would not start ... it barley started and when driving the rpm would not pass the 4000 rpm , some thing was wrong with car...
i made a scan check and it had 8 problem including camshaft position sensor , EGR sensor and MAP sensor ....

i try to put the factory intake but problem was same....
what i think is the mass air flow sensor blew with all the air i cranck from the car and know even puting my factory box is doing the same thing.

i friend told to put aftermarket MAP sensor that cold manage better aftermarket air intakes.

if same one know let me know !! I dont what spent 150 USD on a sensor and that will blew again>!!!1
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