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Hi guys, i'm John, new to the forum here from the UK. Apologies if this has been asked before and also for any bad terminology.
I have recently brought a 2009 1.8 mzr gh mazda 6, how can I figure out what exhaust and air filter that will fit my car.
I'm not looking to increase the power alot or spend hundreds, just looking for somthing to give me a little excitement and a smile on my face in terms of sound.
So I've been thinking of a dual exhaust as such, mine is a single exhaust. I think my car couldn't be made in to a true dual exaust system, seems like a single pipe from the cat but can split into two pipes before the mufflers.
My bumper has a removable plastic cap and all the mounting placing for a second exaust.
Also looking to upgrade the air intake to help the engine breath better with a new exaust.

If anyone can recommend any options, products or help educate me better etc I'd be very greatful.
apologies again if this post makes your eyes bleed.
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