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Getting into an accident on the road can be scary for motorists of all ages. Particularly, though, teen drivers who are still getting their feet wet behind the wheel can be easily frazzled if they get into an auto accident. To guide them through the process of what to do following an accident, TeenHealth has some expert tips.

First and foremost, before worrying about your vehicle, the source advises you check yourself and other passengers for injuries in the event of a single-car accident. Injured passengers should always be dealt with before dealing with damages incurred to your vehicle. If you're unsure about the extent of injuries to fellow passengers or yourself, call 911. Describe as much as you can about the incident to the dispatcher, including what happened, your location, if anyone was hurt and any other pertinent information you can think of.

Additionally, if your accident involved another car, be sure to check on their well-being as well. If your car and another automobile hit one another, then you'll have to file a claim with your car insurance company, the source states, so take down the other driver's information and provide them with yours. Also, be sure to take as many pertinent notes about the incident that you can so you can detail the accident as best as possible to your insurance company. Even draw a diagram of how the incident occurred if you can remember, as well as the location of the accident.

If nobody ends up hurt from a car accident and both cars can be safely driven afterward, police likely won't file a report, the source says. However, you may still have to involve your auto insurance company should you or the other driver want to file a claim if there's extensive damage to one or both of the vehicles.

Should your car end up receiving the brunt of the damage from the accident, TeenHealth recommends asking the other driver for their personal information, including their name, address, phone number, driver's license number, insurance company and policy number. Also, the source suggests writing down the information about their car just in case, including the vehicle's maker, model, color and year. You could even take a photo of the car and the aftermath of the accident if you have a camera with you.
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