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FOB - Usually refered to as a remote control sperate from the key. (IMO, FK or FKFOB would better suit the flip key)
FI = Forced Induction
GTFO = Get The Fuck Out
JK or J/K = Just Kidding
NA or N/A = Normally Aspirated
N20 = Nitrous Oxide
NOS = Nitrous Oxide Systems (brand name)

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wgdc = waste gate duty cyle

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Thanks for the list Rob!
Sorry tho, all spare loot will be diverted into the S6GT

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CHRA = center housing rotating assembly

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AAP- Accelerator Pedal Position
BAT - Boosted Air Temp
BT- Big Turbo
EBCS - Electronic Boost Control Soleniod
EGT- Exhaust Gas temp
EWG- External Wastegate
FP- Fuel pump (hpfp) or fuel pressure
IAT - Intake Air Temp
IM- Intake Manifold
IWG- Internal Wastegate
PNP- Plug n' play or Ported and Polished
PT- Part throttle
SB- Stand Back
TIA - Thanks in advance
TP- Throttle Position
WGA - Wastegate Actuator
WMI (or W/M) - Water Methanol Injection

AFMICTOATM- A few more I can't think of at the moment!

PS. Sorry if any dupes, didn't read through all 7 pages.

EDIT: OP updated.

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"Here are some more acronyms to add

FPM: Fuel Pump Monitor
FRP: Fuel Rail Pressure
FTP: Fuel Tank Pressure
ISO: International Standards Organization
CAN: Controller Area Network
CCM: Comprehensive Component Monitor
CHT: Cylinder Head Temperature
CKP: Crankshaft Position
CMCV: Charge Motion Control Valve
TCS: Transmission Control Switch.
TFT: Transmission Fluid Temperature.
TR: Transmission Range.
TSS: Turbine Shaft Speed.
VSS: Vehicle Speed Sensor. "
61 - 80 of 92 Posts
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