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Acronym & Term Listing

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I have put this list together with the help of a few other members this afternoon for the use of any member in need of a definition to a term used on this site. If I have left any thing out please feel free to reply or Pm me and I will add it.

6i = 4 cylinder Mazda6

6S = V6 Mazda6
AAP- Accelerator Pedal Position

ABM/ Air Box Mod = The process of taking unwanted parts off the stock engine air box out to let the engine breath better

AEM = Advanced Engine Management(Brand Name)

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

AJ = Mazda 6 with 3.0l V6

AP = AccessPort by Cobb

AR = After market Rims

AT = Automatic Transmission

ATR = Access Tuner Race, tuning software for the AP

ATX = Auto Trans axle

Axle-back = Exhaust from rear axle

AWD = All Wheel Drive

BAT - Boosted Air Temp

BOV = A turbo engines blow off valve

BT- Big Turbo

Bump = Brings post to top

BPV = ByPass Valve

BSD = Balance Shaft Delete

BSF or B/S = Buy/Sell Forums

BTW = By the way

Cat back = An exhaust system that starts at the catalytic converter.

CAI = Cold Air Intake

CCC = Combustion Chamber Cleaner

CEL = Check Engine Light

CF = Carbon Fiber

Cleansweep = A audio device made by JL Audio (Brand Name)

DDE = Daylight Demon Eyes (Halos, Angel Eyes, etc)

CD = Cross Drilled Rotors

CP-E = Custom Performance Engineering(Brand Name)

CRP = Commonly Reported Problem

CSC = Centrifugal Supercharger

CTS = Coolant Temp Sensor

DIY = Do It Yourself

DYI = Do Yourself Install

EBCS - Electronic Boost Control Soleniod

ECU = Engine Control Unit

EGR = Exhaust gas recirculation

EGT- Exhaust Gas temp

EMS = Engine Management System

EWG- External Wastegate

FMIC = Front Mount InterCooler

FOB = The flip out key that your Mazda most likely uses

FP = Fuel Power additive

FS = For Sale

FSM = Factory Service Manual

FT = For Trade

FTW = For The Win

FWD = Front Wheel Drive

GB = Group Buy

GC = German Casterol(green 0w-30 engine oil)

HID = High Intensity Discharge light

HU = Head Unit

IBTL = In Before The Lock

I.C.E. = In Car Electronics/Entertainment

IIRC = If I Recall Correctly

IMO = In my opinion

IAT - Intake Air Temp

IM- Intake Manifold

IRS = Independent rear suspension

IWG- Internal Wastegate

JDM = Japan Domestic Market

JK = Joke or joking

L3 = Mazda 6 with 2.3l I4

LED = Light-Emitting Diode

LHD = Left Hand Drive

LMAO = Laugh My Ass Off

LOC = Line Output Converter

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

LSD = Limited Slip Differential

MAF = Hot Wire Airflow Sensor

MAFci = CP-e MAF Chip/CAI combo pack

MF = MagnaFlow(Brand Name)

MPI = Multiple port injection

MPS = Mazda Performance Series

MRI = Mazda Recall Information

MS/MS6 = Mazdaspeed

MT = Manual Transmition

MTX = Manual Trans axle

NA = North American

NOS = Nitrous Oxide Systems(Brand Name)

NSFW = Not safe for work

NX = Nitrous eXpress(Brand Name)

OCC = Oil Catch Can

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer

OP = Original Poster

PCV = Positive crankcase ventilation

PI = Performance increase

PICS = Pictures

PITA = Pain In The Ass

PNP- Plug n' play or Ported and Polished

PM = Personal Message

PO = Previous owner

POS = Piece of Sh*t

PT- Part throttle

PWNED = To be called out or simply made a fool of by another member of the board (owned).

PVO = Performance Vehicle Operations

RB = Racing Beat

RHD = Right Hand Drive

RMIC = Rear Mount Intercooler

ROFL = Rolling on floor laughing

RPM = Revolution Performance Manufacturing(Brand Name)

RSB = Rear Sway bar

R/T = Road/Track

RTFM = Read the Freaking Manual!(Owners manual, FSM, or Instructions manual for part install)

SB- Stand Back (tuning device)

SC = Super Charged

SMIC = Side Mount InterCooler

SOL = S&@$ outta luck

SOTP = Seat Of The Pants

SR = Stock Rims

SRI = Short Ram Intake

SRT = Street and Racing technology

STF = Search the forum

STFU = Shut the f&#^ up

STS = Short Throw Shifter

SU =

TB = Throttle Body

TBD = To be determined

TC = Turbo Charged

TCM = Transmission Control Unit

TIA - Thanks in advance

TMIC = Top Mounted InterCooler

TP- Throttle Position

TPS = Throttle Position Sensor

Troll(ing) = A member that intentionally lurks around looking to act like an ass

TSB = Technical Service Bulletin

TT = Twin Turbo

ttt = Brings post to the top (To The Top)

TTUW0P = This Thread Useless Without Pics

UCA/LCA = Upper control arm / Lower control arm

UOA = Used Oil Analysis

WGA - Wastegate Actuator

WGDC = Waste Gate Duty Cycle

WMI (or W/M) - Water Methanol Injection

WTB = Wanted to buy

WTF = What the F#@&

WTT = Want to trade

WOT = Wide open Throttle

And not to forget
GRMFMTL = Give Rob $ for making this list
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If I may ask, isn't it AT is the same with ATX? What can be the difference if ever?

I learned a few things that are used in the forum like IMO. It doesn't make sense to me, as IMO stands for International Maritime Organization. Now I know...
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