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Hi, check out this picture - this part got somehow dislodged as I was cleaning the tires and hosing water upwards into the wheel housing. I didn’t see where it came from, and then boom, it suddenly appeared there on the pavement. I thought maybe it was some debris from the road that just happened to be stuck in the brake system somewhere, because it seemed pretty unlikely that this thing would both unthread, and sever as it appears to have done.

Kept it, finished the tires, and called it a night. In the morning, when I went to set out, and put my foot on the brake with the car in motion, I immediately heard a sound, almost like you would hear when pulling a chain or metallic wire rapidly through a hole - this coupled with the familiar feeling of the ABS system clunking/bumping in the brake pedal (with LIGHT pressure only). About a minute later down the road, all the brake lights and shit came on, tire pressure, e-brake, P!, and (ABS) to be exact. The car and brake system still operates fine, as well as the e-brake, however, when I tried to press really hard on the brakes to slow down, I didn’t feel any ABS activity like I think I may have.

So, anyone know what this part is, or have any ideas as to what happened? My best conclusion is that something is broken on the ABS sensor system (rear left tire by the way), or that some cable relating to this system got pulled through the tire (and may be out on the road somewhere, because I jacked it up and had a look and didn’t see any evidence of obvious damage, although I didn’t take the wheel off yet). Please let me know your thoughts!

P.S. I was also cleaning under the steering wheel/column on the same night, and possibly could have hit some cord or something, causing the malfunction. That is my runner-up hypothesis as of right now.

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