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What do we do? Website hosting. We host Audio, Images, Videos, and of course Websites -- but out of the thousands of hosts out there we try to show our mark by providing the best support, fastest servers, and the best bandwidth available at very affordable pricing. That almost seems like another "we're the best of the best" speech, and we can't say we're the best, but we're pretty good. When it comes to support, all of our support reps are Microsoft Certified Professionals, so when a question is asked there is always a quick and knowledgable response. We're available 24/7 by e-mail and ticket support and on average our response times are under an hour!

Isn't it the worst thing when you have your own forum, and its finally getting popular and suddenly it starts loading so slow? Well you won't with us, we not only have powerful servers, but we keep our CPU usage below 1% so that your site always loads fast, lightning fast. Having a quick loading site doesn't help when the servers are down does it? We provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee and we can prove it! Click Here to Check our Uptime

Our Servers (Minimum Specs):
Dual Opteron 252
4 GB DDR2 Ram
15K SCSI Hard Drives
Dual 1GBIT Ethernet Ports

So by now you're thinking, wow, they must be good riiiiiight 8)? Wrong, there's 1 important piece missing here. The bandwidth. All of our servers are located in the Savvis Datacenter in Jersey City, NJ all powered by over 30 gigabits of Tier 1 bandwidth. Now for those of you that are wondering, what is Tier 1 bandwidth, we go to the ultimate source -- Wikipedia, . Essentially Tier 1 bandwidth provides the fastest ping times, the shortest latency, and the best download speeds available today. And you'll notice from our test file below, that we have some of the best download speeds on the net.

Test file:

Please Visit us at
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